Oil Change at Home

Owning a car is a major responsibility with regular maintenance duties that must be taken care of if you want your car to last. When it comes to maintaining your car, the most popular words of wisdom are “Change the oil regularly!” and it is popular for a reason. The pistons in your engine move up and down thousands of times every minute generating enormous amounts of heat and friction. Motor oil reduces friction keeping your engine lubricated and cool. In addition, oil collects contaminates and carries them to the oil filter where they are removed, keeping the engine free of damaging particles.

If the oil is not changed within the recommended time frame, the heat and ware from the engine begins to break down the oil and it is no longer able to lubricate and cool the motor. This can cause serious damage and be very costly to repair.

Routine maintenance such as an oil change ensures that your car’s engine is well lubricated, free of contaminates and running smoothly. A clean air filter will give your car more power and better fuel economy. Regular tire rotations help maintain even tread ware, maximizing tire life. Driving in the rain reduces visibility and making sure your wiper blades are in good condition is vital to helping you see through the storm.


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